Working out

Porter continues to do well after his cath procedure.  People from Physical Therapy are starting to work with him more on gaining strength in his neck and body.  We put him in the boppy but he didn't like it one bit.  He's not used to sitting up like that but we'll keep trying.  We've been working with him on stretching out his arms and helping him raise his arms above his head.  He doesn't like doing "YMCA" too much so we'll just keep it to the "Y" for now.  

Speech Therapy came down today to access how many words are in his vocabulary. They mostly got bubbles from Porter at this point but you have to start somewhere.  They were also hoping to work with him on sucking a pacifier since he's been fed through a tube and hasn't had to use his mouth but he was too sleepy and didn't want to engage. 

The docs have started to wean Porter off some of the meds he's been on and so far is tolerating it well.  We remain cautiously optimistic.


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