feelin hot hot hot

We've been coasting along for a little while without any changes or excitement which has been nice.  Well, in nothing less than Porter style, he didn't want people to get too complacent or bored and spiked a 103 fever yesterday afternoon.  No other symptoms have accompanied this fever so we're all a little perplexed.  The nurse took a urine sample, blood cultures, and swabbed his nose to check for any viruses and infections and those results are still pending. The nurse said his temp was normal early this morning but has gone up slightly since then.  They're going to start him on some antibiotics just in case something is brewing.

And to keep the excitement going~ I received a call this morning from Porter's nurse letting me know there was a small hole in his central line ( the line that goes into his chest that they use for labs and iv's) and it was leaking.  So ~ they have clamped it and we are waiting for the team to come take Porter to the OR to have the line removed.  It doesn't sound like they're going to replace the line yet until they're sure there's no infection.   Ahhh, happy Thursday, thankfully this happened now and not over the weekend.  He's still full of smiles this morning 


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