procedures in progress

We arrived at UNC at 6:30am and waited 20 minutes to check in.  Its like going to the DMV -take a number and wait! So- we waited and Porter got checked in.  We were sent on a bit of a wild goose chase after he was checked in because where they told me to go was dark and no one was at the desk so we went to another area and they didn't have Porter on the schedule.  That receptionist called around  and walked us down to the place where we went first which was dark and unstaffed.   The receptionist called into the cath lab and one of the nurses emerged from the back.  Ah ha!  We are now in the correct place so lets get this show on the road.  I signed all the consents and they took Porter back for his Broncoscopy first.  That took roughly a half hour from start to finish.  His upper airway looks good but there is an issue with the area above his epiglotitis which he should hopefully grow out of but the trach is providing a good airway right now so it seems he'll have it for a while.   He tolerated the procedure well.  They are prepping him for the cath now will update when its done.


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