Our Story

I remember that first day at Bronson Hospital 20 weeks pregnant and Rilynn being diagnosed with ARPKD. Then at 30 weeks pregnant with a room full of doctors who were telling us they didn't think they would be able to support our baby. I had my mind dead set that they were wrong and I was going to stay there for care instead of transferring to the University of Michigan. Our doctor insisted on just going to visit the university hospital and get a second opinion, the same doctor who prayed psalms 91 over us when we found out her diagnosis. As I was at my first appointment at U of M the doctor sat us down and cried with us as she told me Rilynn most likely wasn't going to make it and her heart wasn't functioning correctly. They believed if there was any chance it would be best to deliver that weekend.
Once Rilynn was born she was on two ventilators because her lungs were so compromised... And days later her heart was functioning completely normal and the doctors don't know what they saw on that ultrasound. But the thing that struck me the hardest was that Bronson doesn't have that second ventilator that saved Rilynn, God used something that seemed so terrifying, the heart defect on my ultrasound, to make sure we were at the right hospital. It continued to be a rough journey to where we are now, three different nights we stood over her bed thinking it was the last moments we would have with her and God always pulled through. There are tough days I forget that God pulled us through this far and he will continue even when I get overwhelmed. Rilynn is here and has made an impact on so many people, without our struggles we wouldn't get to see God work as clearly as this journey has shown. Sometimes I need to rewind and remember where we started and now today, after 95 days, we are home sweet home!!


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