A Busy, Exciting Summer

After a very productive first year of homeschooling, we were all ready for an extended break over the summer. We kicked everything off with cleaning out closets and gathering items for our neighborhood’s annual yard sale. We used this as a time to clear out some clutter and raise funds for Shafer’s medical account. The kids got involved and wanted to help raise even more money, so they baked some homemade goodies and made some fresh squeezed lemonade. Shafer especially had lots of fun as he greeted customers, delivered product, and thanked them for their business. It was such a blessing to watch him hand out prayer cards and ask numerous people to “Please pray for me!”





We enjoyed a wonderful week on Monteagle Mountain at our friend’s beautiful lake home. This has become our annual getaway with my mom, dad, brother, and his family for a time of relaxing to include fishing, canoeing, grilling out, swimming, hiking, playing lots of games, and sitting by the fire eating s’mores till the early morning hours.























Next, we headed to Atlanta to the Mark Price Basketball Camp for Shayli and Sharayah to improve their shooting. The girls learned a lot and were so excited to meet an NBA All-Star and sit under his teachings. Their skills certainly improved while they met many new friends and had lots of fun! The week ended on a hard note as Shafer had to be hospitalized at Emory University Children’s Hospital at Egleston. The Lord provided great friends to care for our other four children while we were with Shafer for three days as he received treatment for another severe UTI.










We arrived home just in time to celebrate Father’s Day with the world’s best daddy…Kevin! I cannot say thanks enough for all he does for our family, especially all the extra duties as he plays nurse, doctor, nutritionist, and lab technician for Shafer’s ongoing daily care. What a blessing it is for our children to have such a loving, engaged, caring, and hilarious father. Happy Father’s Day, KK (as we call him). We love you to the moon and back!
Our next destination was Nashville for Shafer’s monthly labs and clinic visit. Labs confirmed that his kidney function is now down to approximately 50%, due to the repeated urinary tract infections. It is so vitally important for us to try and figure out what is causing the reoccurring infections in order for his kidney function to improve.
Despite getting some bad news on Shafer’s labs, we had a great trip as we stayed a few extra days to do some fun things in Nashville. We had a blast at Wave Country, went trail riding on some amazing horses, and visited the Nashville Zoo! I just wish you could have seen the big smiles and loud giggles as Shafer oohed and aahed as he watched the flamingos run through the water and as he chased the goats to brush them.
We capped off the month by celebrating Shaw’s 6th birthday on June 29th. He went golfing with some buddies, had a sleepover, and a family party! He received lots of great gifts, but his favorite was his new bike. Shafer loved helping big brother tear into his presents, and eat his yummy chocolate chip cookie cake.
We thank God for all the special memories we’ve shared, despite Shafer being sick. Just to look at him, you would never know what is raging inside his little body. I’m reminded more every day to cling to Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding…”
All my love,
Shafer's Mommy


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