Easter 2016

We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter! The Lord blessed us with getting to see Eli Williams (a dear child who continues to survive and fight the odds of his medical challenges) and his family after Saturday night service and allowing us to worship on Sunday at my hometown church as Kevin played the beautiful Gaither version of "Because He Lives" on the saxophone.

Both experiences were amazing and served as a timely reminder of why this holiday is vital to our faith! Yet, it is the daily miracles that prove over and over again who God really is...a loving Father who continually cares for us by providing protection and peace even on our most challenging days. He is alive and real in a way that I can't fully explain...I can only share what the Lord has done and continues to do in my life. I have never felt the need to "push my beliefs" on anyone...there is no reason for that. God reveals Himself on a personal level in different ways and our only responsibility as Christians is to share our stories with others in love and leave the results to the Almighty. As the little girl in the movie, "Miracles from Heaven" says when questioned about her beliefs..."Not everyone is going to believe. That's alright. They'll get there when they get there." This was probably my favorite quote in the movie. It was hard to remember all of the ones I liked since it was such a surreal experience. All seven of us were taken by several of the scenes and storylines...exact words that were spoken and similar scenarios from our journey with Shafer. As many of you enjoy this week with your family, please be mindful to cherish every moment. Life is such a gift.

Things can change in an instance and normal will never be the same again. Don't wait to lavishly love your children or delay getting things right with someone...there's never a "right time", the time is right now. If there's one thing that walking the last six years with Shafer has taught me, it is to allow love to guide you instead of fear. Forget what others may think...respond to the leading of your heart because your path may provide footprints for someone else to find their way...Much love...


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