Home Sweet Home

After seven weeks of being in Nashville, we are finally settled back at home in Chattanooga so Shayli, Sharayah, and Shanel could start the school year. What a blessing to reacquaint ourselves with home and to see Shafer doing so well.

It is hard to believe the surgery is over and now we are well into our recovery. We are making weekly trips to Nashville for regular clinic visits and labs to keep a check on everything.

Shanel, Sharayah, & Shafer
enjoy our first brunch back home.

We have updated the website with several new media clips and pictures on the blogs. The most exciting piece is Vanderbilt Medical Center’s premier publication, House Organ, when Shafer made the cover story! Click here (http://www.jadadaves.com/myfiles/House_Organ_8_11.pdf) to read the entire 7 pages, and you may want to view the accompanying video at www.youtube.com/embed/M245ngWr-5U. Both of these can also be viewed on the Media Appearances page at www.COTAforShaferD.com.

Shayli, Sharayah, Shanel, Shaw, & Shafer take a break at sunset on the walking bridge in downtown Chattanooga.



We want to express our sincerest thanks once again for the unbelievable outpouring of love and support from so many. It blows our minds at how God has used friends, family, casual acquaintances, and complete strangers to bless us! God has gone before us in every situation to provide exactly what we need just when we needed it.

Wow…the occasional cool breeze in the late evening has gotten me excited about fall, my most favorite season of the year.

Shanel & Shafer at Grandma Daves' country church in Morganton, GA for the annual family reunion & decoration



I am invigorated and energized by the cooler weather, the colors of the beautiful fall leaves, craft festivals, the season of “thanksgiving,” and football. What great times to share with family and friends!

Shanel walking out the door for her first day of kindergarten


At this time, all is well with Baby Shafer and the entire Daves gang. We are certainly relishing the homecoming of our little miracle and looking forward to what lies ahead for us.

We love each of you dearly…keep us in your continual prayers.

Shafer’s Mommy


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