Love You Much

Ah…sweet Shafer. What a bundle of love he is! After weeks of talking with others about his phrase “thank you much,” (see November’s blog) he has surprised us again with a new saying. When he first took my face in between his little hands and looked me square in the eyes and said “love you much,” I thought my heart was going to come out of my body. In that moment, I was deeply moved as my 2-year old expressed such gratitude to his mother.

After all, we have been through a lot together, but how could he possibly know how to express his love in such a profound way?

God continues to speak through Shafer to provide the hope and healing we need to not only survive on this journey, but to thrive.
The Lord is faithful to give us just what we need every day, regardless if it is financial assistance, extra prayer covering, a meal, card, text, email, phone call, visit, or a three-word phrase that is more soothing than anything can provide.
As we reflect on love this month, I want to challenge each faithful blog reader to go forth with Shafer’s “love you much” sentiment and share it with others.
It’s as if you are saying I love you with a hundred exclamation points written in all caps. Think of that special someone you can share “love you much” with and see if it doesn’t deepen your relationship.
I can honestly say that I love caring for Shafer. God knew I was capable of taking care of him long before I did. It’s simply amazing at how God lifts us to a level above what we think we can do. He provides the extra strength and encouragement to face tasks that we could not do alone.
I want to express my love to each of you who continue to pray for Baby Shafer. He is such a delight! I just wish each of you could have seen him perform his first karaoke song “Celebration” on Saturday night at our church valentine banquet.
He was hilarious as he grabbed the microphone and repeatedly said, “C’mon…C’mon…celebrate.” Kool & the Gang have nothing on Shafer when it comes to energy and confidence to perform this classic song! What a blessing to see him up and dancing and celebrating his first Valentine’s with his new kidney! Who would have ever known the “life” this vital organ could give to a little boy?
I want to spend the rest of my days in total praise for all God has done!

Happy Valentine’s Day with love,
Shafer’s Mommy



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