Post-surgery Update

Sorry for the belated update, but things have been a bit busy the last week. The transplant surgery was a success and Shafer and I have gotten off to a good start for the long recovery ahead. I was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, June 28, and now sharing time caring for Shafer in his room and spending time at the rental house with the other children.

There have been a few bumps along the way. Most importantly, Shafer is fighting off a dual blood and urinary tract infection and has started an antibiotic that should take care of it within 10 days. He seems to be responding well to the immunosuppressant drugs and is gaining strength every day. He has even enjoyed a couple of trips outside to see the fish and play with his siblings at the facilities provided by the hospital.

Many have asked how Shayli, Sharayah, Shanel, and Shaw are doing. They have really done well, considering the circumstances. We have had some dear friends and family members come to Nashville and stay with them at the house and treat them to lots of fun activities. Shaw had a special day as he celebrated his 4th birthday today (June 29th). So, they have some wonderful memories from their time here!

We so appreciate all of your prayers, emails, cards, flowers, visits, financial support and other gifts you have so freely given to support our family during this time. Words cannot adequately express our sincerest thanks for how you’ve blessed us!!

May God richly reward each of you for the generosity and kindness you have shown us…

Shafer's Mommy


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