Thank You Much

Wow…the impact that 3 little words from a 2-year old can have! When Shafer first responded with “thank you much” after I handed him his sippy cup of milk, I was deeply moved.

Then he said it again and again after kisses, after squirting lotion on his hands, after wiping his face, after giving him his Mickey blanket, and the list goes on. I began to ponder his sweet sentiment even more. I know I didn’t teach him to add “much” on to the basic response of “thank you” that we taught our other 4 children.

And Kevin assured me he didn’t teach him the phrase, so I knew where Shafer had learned to say such a tender thing.

The Lord continues to speak to our whole family through Shafer. He delights our hearts time and time again with his big smile and words that string together in unbelievable ways.
At this special time of the year we are especially thankful to be at home relishing these memories with Baby Shafer, Shaw, Shanel, Sharayah, and Shayli. Enjoying the holidays outside of the hospital is sheer euphoria! The sights and sounds of the season are better than I can ever remember. Thank you much, God!
Our trip to Vanderbilt last week resulted in good labs and a great visit with Dr. Jabs.

He has almost reached the 50thpercentile for both height and weight, so we are overflowing with gratitude for this significant milestone. Please pray for Shafer to stay healthy over the next few weeks so he can truly enjoy Christmas!

We love each and every one of you. Your love and prayers are nourishment to our souls.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Shafer's Mommy


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