What a Bright Night…

There have been many highlights on our 40-month journey, and Bright Night served to remind me of the miraculous side road we have been on with Shafer. The music, the message, and the memories from November 8, 2012, will forever reign in my heart. What a  gift Gordon Mote, Squire Rushnell, Louise DuArt, and T-Ran Gilbert gave to Shafer as we celebrated his precious life and raised funds for transplant-related expenses.




Shafer continues to amaze us with his progress. All of the directives from the physicians that he would be small for his age, have some developmental issues and possible learning difficulties have not come to fruition. While we have lots of physical challenges due to his syndrome, we praise God that we have been blessed to avoid these other problems thus far.
We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving by celebrating at my mom and dad’s farm. We also visited Nannie’s (Kevin’s grandmother) where the children loved petting the miniature horses and riding 4-wheelers.
We got the Christmas season off to an early start by taking in the sights and sounds of Opryland hotel while in Nasville for Shafer's clinic visit. This is a yearly tradition for our family now. The children are absolutely stunned by the magnitude of lights and all the excitement that comes with the excursion.
This year we had a neat Godwink occur as we met Lorrie Morgan. After her show in the grand ballroom, she was signing autographs and we “just happened” to be walking by around 11:00p.
We stopped to see what all the commotion was from the gathering of people and Shafer went around the rope and stood a few feet away from her.
She immediately looked up and said, “And who are you…you adorable little angel,” as she scanned the crowd to find a mother. I said, “Hi Lorrie, this is Shafer," as I briefly shared his story. " He just wanted to see what was going on.”
Lorrie then asked if she could hold him for a picture, and Shafer proceeded to get a prayer card to give her. So here we are sharing hugs and smiles with another music star while being loaded up with product, including a beautiful Christmas ornament. The biggest blessing was Lorrie’s assistant coming out to have a special prayer with Shafer before we left.
What a joy it has been to be a part of all the opportunities the Lord has provided for Shafer in the music business!

There is a theme here…and Shafer walks around the house singing non-stop all day long.

Who knows, little Shafer may find himself in the industry one day.
Every experience with Shafer and the rest of my amazing family is a divine honor. The spirit of Christmas is in the air and we are going to savor every last minute of it!
Lots of love,
Shafer’s Mommy


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