We Made It Through Another Year!

Today marks the second anniversary of Stanley’s liver transplant. Looking back at photos of Stanley from 2016, it’s hard to believe the baby in those pictures is the same little boy. He’s grown so much in the last two years thanks to the healthy liver he received through organ donation! Stanley is getting stronger every day and he’s very close to walking on his own. He’s also increasing his hand coordination and learning to eat more textured foods. Stanley still doesn’t say any words, but he’s extremely vocal and loves to laugh. Fortunately he has a team of therapists to help him with these delays and we’re confident that he will catch up in his own time.

Despite the many obstacles he has encountered, Stanley is full of joy and wonder. Every day is a new adventure yet he often finds happiness in simple pleasures. His favorite activity is going down to the pier, looking at the water and feeling the breeze in his face. He enjoys listening and dancing to music, reading books, playing with his toy cars, throwing his bouncy balls and wrestling his stuffies. He also likes anything that has beeping buttons, cool colors, pretty patterns and sparkly lights. And of course he loves to cuddle with Mama, Dada, Grandma, Grandpa, Lola and Papa!

We’re so grateful to everyone who has supported us since Stanley’s diagnosis, especially our friends and family, the biliary atresia and transplant communities, doctors, nurses and medical professionals, the Early Intervention program, and COTA, whose financial assistance has made having a child with health issues and special needs just a little bit easier. We look forward to celebrating again in another year!


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