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Stephanie is a 42-year-old mother of two, living with cystic fibrosis — a life-threatening disease that limits the ability to breathe. Because of this medical condition, it’s almost impossible to live a normal life. Each day is a struggle.

Having both lungs collapse, to using oxygen 24-hours-a-day and even having her name added to the list for a double lung transplant. She has had several surgeries, including two cesarean sections, gallbladder and appendix removed and a central port line placed.

At times, her lung function is down very low and it’s harder to bring it back to the normal of around 35%. When that happens, typically she will spend two weeks at Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center. During that time the treatment consists of respiratory chest percussion treatment (CPT) four times a day, several nebulized medications and IV antibiotics. All combined causes Stephanie to loosen and cough up the mucus that clogs the lungs.

When Stephanie’s lung func...



Long needed blog beginnings

I keep reminding myself that I want to start blogging. I have had so many good and bad experiences or hurdles in my life dealing with my CF. I’ve needed to start sharing because I know someone will read and use my knowledge. I can be resourceful Continue Reading »

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