Ballard Oyster House Raises $610 for COTA for Team Alex Sims!


Thank you so much to Alex’s friends at Ballard Oyster House in Seattle, Washington, for your second year in a row hosting a fundraiser in April to celebrate “National Donate Life Month” to raise awareness for the need for transplant donors and to raise money for COTA for Team Alex to help with Alex’s transplant expenses. You guys are amazing!

PS - Alex send his love!

Want to learn more about Alex Sims and how to be a hero by donating bone marrow or how to make a financial donation to help with the astronomical transplant expenses? Visit to find the link to register with Be the Match (top of the page), or register on-line at where you can fill out an application and receive a swab kit by mail. Either way, registration is simple and is the first step to helping to save the life of someone who is desperate for a life-saving transplant. For more information contact


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