6/9 to 6/13

The last couple of days have been especially difficult. On Saturday, it seemed like Amy was slowly improving day by day. On Sunday, she started coughing up blood, and while waiting to be brought down to the OR to stop the bleeding, Amy's heart stopped.

The doctor told us that this does sometimes happen with ECMO patients if their blood volume gets too low (I won't go into the more intricate details). The procedure went well, but Amy's heart rate dropped when they were getting her settled back in to her room. The doctors had ordered she be given a blood transfusion and fluids, and were hopeful that she would be back awake and slowly improving on Monday.

On Monday Amy's heart rate would drop every time the staff tried to adjust her position, as well as when she would cough. Later that night the doctors started to suspect she had a bloodstream infection because her blood pressure was low and her heart rate was elevated. The ECMO machine can apparently mask some other signs of infection.

A bloodstream infection would cause Amy to be taken off of the transplant list until the infection was cleared, which would have significantly delayed her transplant (as a best case scenario). Thankfully on Tuesday morning, after her airway was cleared a bit, Amy's vital signs improved, and the doctors now believe she may not have an infection.

She is still on the transplant list, and the doctors are hopeful that they will get a match on lungs for Amy soon. They performed a tracheotomy to keep her airway clear in the meantime. They will be keeping her in a medically induced coma until her transplant, to avoid coughing/movement from causing more

I have never been so relieved in my life as when I heard that they didn't think she had an infection and that she was still on the transplant list. I can only imagine how relieved her family is.

We are all so thankful to the outpouring of love and prayers for Amy. Hopefully soon she will be able to thank you herself.


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