A quick update

Amy is still very sedated, but is improving daily. Physical therapy is having her stand up, but it takes a whole team of people to move her around because of the ECMO machine and all of the IV lines. She is also able to be moved to a chair in the mornings so that she can be a little more active.

She is hard to understand because of the sedation and the naso-gastic tube they have down her throat to feed her, but she is able to talk. She is struggling a bit with wanting to be able to keep her mind active but not yet being awake enough or coordinated enough to do so.

She is also having bouts of being really anxious, which the nurse told us is common for patients on ECMO. I think it may be because their body is trying to breathe but their lungs can't do that so they panic.

She is able to move around a lot more, so hopefully in a few more days she will be a little more coordinated and can maybe start dictating some blogs to us . Feel free to leave her comments here for when she starts to get a little better.

Her nurses have been amazing, and Amy is strong, and healthy other than her lungs. The transplant could happen any day, so keep her in your thoughts. Love to you all.


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