A scary day

From Sarah:

Today was a scary day. I was called by the ICU nurses at 7:30 this morning because Amy was coughing blood. I came in right away and it felt like the whole ICU team was in her room but she was stable. She was sedated and ok. They felt it was appropriate to do an embolization procedure on her to resolve the internal bleed. My aunt & uncle came and we were sitting with Amy while she slept, waiting for them to take her to the OR. At some point during this time Amy's vital suddenly started to rapidly drop, and in what felt like a matter of seconds her heart stopped beating, she had no pulse or blood pressure. The nurse got ready to do chest compression when Amy's heart kicked back in on it's own. It was the most awful thing I've ever witnessed in my life and very heartbreaking. Thankfully Amy is once again stable, they said her heart is fine. The flatline it was caused by the ECMO machine she was on shorting out due to her dehydration. Amy is waiting to go into the OR now for her procedure, and she has slept through all of this thankfully. Keep her in your prayers.


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