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This has been a week of some intense highs and lows. As you may have read on Facebook, Amy will likely stay in a medically-induced coma until new lungs are found. Even slight movements are now causing hiccups in the ECMO machine that is keeping her alive and these hiccups can make her heart flatline. Additionally, doctors performed a tracheotomy this week to relieve some of the pressure when she coughs, so that it doesn’t effect the ECMO machine. According to one of our volunteers, Emily Cutts, nurses today say she is stable. Unfortunately, as we learned from her heart flatlining on us twice this past Sunday, new and serious problems can arise at any time. She needs these lungs as soon as humanly possible, so if you’re a praying person- the time to start doing that is now.

The good folks at COTA have been helping us with getting our story out to the media, and in the last few days, it has really paid off. On Wednesday, Sampan, the only Chinese and English language newspaper in Boston took the honor of being the first media outlet to write about us. You can read the story here. In an e-mail, editor Ling-Mei Wong encouraged us to keep them posted about any future fundraising events.

Thursday morning, the Boston Herald published a great article after interviewing Amy’s dad Jim and our fearless leader Janine Skipper. The article made it to the front page of their website.  They even sent a photographer down to the hospital on Wednesday to take a few photos of us outside. Jim spoke with the reporter and said “I’m believing that next year about this time we’ll be sharing stories…and looking back at a very dark time.” It’s hard to talk about what Amy and her family are going through, but we’re grateful to the Herald and Sampan for giving us a platform to let the public know what we’re doing.

And finally, Jamie Otis, star of “The Bachelor” and “Married at First Sight,” reached out to “The Bachelor” superfan and COTA volunteer Emily Adams when she saw a post Emily made about Amy to ask how she could help. The result is a detailed and thoughtful piece on her website about Amy and our fundraising efforts for COTA. You can find it here. If you’re reading this, thank you Jamie from the COTA for Team Amy S crew.

For us volunteers, when we know Amy and her family are suffering it feels good to do what we can to support an organization that is making their lives a little easier. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to donate – even a little- or to buy tickets to our Saturday June 23rd fundraiser “Benefit for Breath.” There will be karaoke, food, music, a cash bar, a photo booth, and even a silent auction with amazing prizes. I swear, as these prizes start rolling in I can’t even begin to decide where I will put my bids. It all looks so good.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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