Update on Amy:

She has slowly been getting stronger, and actually got to walk around the hospital unit today, but she is still very underweight. She has been struggling with some severe nausea for the last few days, and the cause still isn't clear.

Tomorrow she is going to have an upper GI endoscopy to see if any issues, for example an ulcer, can be identified. She will have a gastric emptying study the following day to see if hers is delayed (as that can also cause nausea). It's also possible that it could be a side effect of one of the multitude of medications she is on. She has never responded well to the meds usually used to treat nausea, so she is pretty miserable right now.

Unfortunately there is a risk of causing aspiration pneumonia when she vomits, so it's really not a good situation to be in. It's also hard for her to keep down her medications, and impossible for her to gain back some weight if she can't keep down food.

Once the nausea is resolved they plan to transfer her to a rehabilitation facility. Hopefully that happens soon so we can start fattening her up!


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