Update on Amy's condition:

The Transplant Infectious Disease doctors saw Amy today to try to narrow down what caused Amy's seizures and swelling in her brain. They said they didn't see any obvious signs of inflammation in her cerebrospinal fluid (from the lumbar puncture), but it will take a few days for cultures to come back to tell them for sure if she has bacterial meningitis. Until then, they plan to keep her on high-dose antibiotics, (as well as antifungals and antivirals for possible fungal or viral meningitis).

The doctors also did not see some of the other expected signs for meningitis, like a fever, stiffness in her neck, or sensitivity to light/sound before her seizure. They are still trying to match up the spot seen on the MRI with a diagnosis that would cause swelling in her brain.

Amy still isn't conscious, but they are monitoring her brain activity. Her pupils react to light, and she does appear to be reacting to painful stimuli, which are good signs. She is repositioning herself in bed, and appears comfortable and calm, she just isn't following commands, or able to focus on objects. She is on a diuretic to get the extra fluid out of her brain, and hopefully once the extra fluid is gone, she will be more responsive. It will likely be a couple of days before there are answers about what caused the seizure/swelling.

She also had a G-J (gastrojejunostomy) tube placed last week, that goes through her stomach into her small intestine, to help supplement her nutrition to help her put on weight. That tube became dislodged over the weekend, and was pointing upwards into her esophagus. Right now she cannot eat or take any oral medication, so the doctors will be working on adjusting her tube.

Thank you for all of the love and prayers you have been sending to Amy and her family. It means a lot to know so many people care for Amy so deeply. We will post more updates as they become available.


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