Updates from Sarah:

Amy had 2 seizures this morning. She’s stable but not conscious and has been moved to the ICU. As some of you know, she recently had surgery to place a GJ-tube in her abdomen to help supplement her nutrition and help her put on weight. The surgery went well, but she's been nauseous and sick all week. Her team seems to think there was an error with her GJ-Tube placement, which caused her medication to not be absorbed properly. It's been a year since this transplant process began, and we still have such a long way to go. Keep Amy in your prayers, every day presents a new challenge for her.

The ICU team viewed the MRI scans of Amy's brain and noticed several abnormalities. The general consensus is she likely has Meningitis. They did a lumbar puncture to test her spinal fluid. Test results will take a few days, but until then she will remain in the ICU and they will begin treating her for all forms of meningitis; viral, fungal, and bacterial.

On this day last year Amy was put in an induced coma and this whole transplant journey began. One year ago began my routine of keeping vigil by her bedside in the ICU. Now I'm back in this situation, in what feels like the most unsettling and exhausting case of déjà vu.

Will keep updating as things move forward. Thank you for all the encouraging words and prayers. Xoxo


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