1/03/2018 Appointment

Ashton had another check-up and labs done today. We are also adding routine ultrasounds in 2018 so that was done today as well.

Here is what we know so far, Ashton is growing! He is 2' 10" and 28 lbs 3.5 oz which puts him just above the 50th percentile. Mom , dad and Dr. H couldn't be happier.

Preliminary results of the ultrasound have shown that the biloma that was getting quite large as of November has shrunk significantly which is AMAZING! Unfortunately no other results regarding the state of his liver/spleen are available and no lab results are in just yet either. So lots of prayer for continued good news in the new year!

The long term plan for 2018 is allow Asthon to grow as much as possible and when his liver says "no more" we transplant. The decision to transplant is not made lightly, Ashton's team and parents have to find the "sweet spot" of when Ashton's liver tells us it has almost had enough but also his condition cannot be so bad that transplant is emergent. The healthier he is going in the healthier he will be coming out but also the older/bigger he gets the better his chances of short and long term success.

Please continue to pray for Ashton, his parents and team that will be monitoring and deciding when is the best time to make all of this happen!


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