9/27/17 Appointment

Ashton had a great check-up, Dr. Harpavat did note that his spleen is slightly larger than it has been but soft and soft is good news yes We discussed Ashton's eating and bottle/milk habits and we have decided that if Ashton does not start eating table food better that he will have occupational therapy. He is gaining weight well but for developmental reasons he needs to increase his table food intake and decrease his bottle/formula intake. 

We got some of his lab results late yesterday afternoon and his liver panel was within "his normal". For me or you this would be considered outrageously high but we already know his liver doesn't function properly so we don't expect to see totally normal liver panel results. They are checked to make sure there isn't a spike from what they usually run. 

The most meaningful of Ashton's labs is his conjugated bilirubin. We like to see a 0.0, a 0.1 is on the high end of normal and 0.2 indicates infection of the liver. Ashton was at a 0.1 yesterday where he is normally a 0.0. We are asking for prayers that Ashton's conjugated bilirubin will stay within normal limits. Another episode of cholangitis will bump us up on the list and put us in the position of actively seeking/accepting offers for a liver. 

Your continued prayers and support for Ashton and the Guerra Family are appreciated more than words can express!


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