April 6, 2018 - Most Recent Checkup

Labs are finally in, with the exception of Vitamin A, labs are stable and conjugated bilirubin is at 0 which is perfect! Ashton's platelets are a little low again, not extreme but lower.

Overall Ashton is stable. His doctor had a very real conversation about where we are in regards to moving forward with transplant. He has said we have the wonderful luxury of having Ashton stable so that we can wait because at Ashton's age there is a 95% chance of 3 year post transplant success. Which is excellent statistics unless you are the 5%. Since Ashton is stable, his care team doesn't want to chance him being that 5%. However, Ashton's stable state of health is very fragile and can change in a second. We know from the clinical findings that his liver is progressively scarring, we know the complications of his portal hypertension can happen at any time, and we know his body is still struggling to absorb fats and vitamins. So at this point, because he is stable, it is in Ashton's best interest to continue to grow but he is in the perfect position on the transplant list should his health decline.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Ashton is due to see his care team again on May 16th.


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