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Bentley is three years old. He loves water and anything that lights up.  He especially loves his sister Lillie. He is always happy, even when he is not feeling good. When he does cry, he will always stop if you sing to him.

When Bentley was two days old his liver was determined to be failing, and his ammonia levels were extremely high. The hospital team of doctors worked to find out what was caused his levels to get so high.  Being the youngest baby in their hospital, the doctors had to create a dialysis catheter, small enough for Bentley, that would work. It is probable that the high ammonia levels in his little body may have caused some brain damage. He has not met the milestones that healthy children meet, and therefore will have lifetime special needs. 

Bentley was diagnosed with Propionic Academia. Propionic Acidemia is a rare  metabolic disorder. This disorder effects the liver, and is unable to process certain parts of proteins and fats properly. Abnormal levels of organi...




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