4/5/17 Update

Update: Today we went to Clinic at Duke Hospital. We planned on meeting with the Infectious Disease (ID) Doctor. This was for a routine check on how Bonnie is dealing with the prescribed antibiotics that were selected for their ability to weaken various bugs she is culturing. Late yesterday, we got a call from Bonnie’s transplant coordinator to come in a little early and meet with her. We really didn’t know what for but we (she) gets asked to do things “extra” all the time so it didn’t seem like a big deal – something about consent forms etc. Well… it was a big deal. Today Bonnie signed her consent forms for transplant! She is not formally listed yet, but all that she needs to do is meet with a surgeon on the team (next Thursday) and get his final approval. All of the many, many requirements that were given to her have been met. Things are moving fast. I am scared to death. Bonnie’s mom and the few people she has spoken to on the phone are scared to death. I cannot imagine what Bonnie is feeling. But – this is why we are here.

Just wanted to keep you all in the loop, I will update again as I receive more detailed information. Thank you all again, and if you are in South Georgia, please be safe. Love ya’ll,

-Nick Bonnie Griner


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