Update: This week has been a struggle for us all. Bonnie’s white blood cell count is extremely high and the doctors do not understand why (even though it seems they have taken 5 gallons of blood). This has been an issue for her in the past, and I should say that the Doctor’s at Emory were not able to figure it out either. They had to change her feeding formula to a lower fat version – they think the fat is contributing to excessive fluid and discharge from her lung cavity. This newer formula’s lower fat and caloric content forced the doctors to increase the rate of feeding. An unintended consequence of this action is that Bonnie is feeling nauseous again. This doesn’t seem fair considering she can’t eat or drink anything. 
 Her laps are still increasing pretty much every day – we walked three this morning around 5 AM. She is still swollen in her arms, legs, hands, and feet, but not as swollen as they were a week ago. It is easy to lose sight of the goal. But after reflecting on the progress she has made in one week – I keep telling myself to continue reminding her how far she has come in a short amount of time. She is getting one more tube pulled today, another bronch on Monday, and another swallowing test sometime next week. Realistically, if she fails that swallow test, they will prescribe a more durable temporary feeding tube on her side. She REALLY does not want this, so please pray she is able to pass the test. 
 I am once again tired (hah!) and I feel my post could have more details and positive insights, but my mind just isn’t firing all the way. I hope you all have a great weekend and Mother’s day. Mom, I love you with everything I have! Thank you for loving and supporting me! Ms. Sheila, I love you with all I have! Thank you for loving and supporting me! Bonnie and I could not do this without you!
Thank you all,


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