5/16/17 - 11:04 p.m.

Update: Today we had the small swallow test victory, and started preparations for two procedures taking place tomorrow (hopefully). Bonnie still has 2 chest tubes in place, and the team explained that she shouldn’t need them any longer under perfect conditions. But she is still draining a large amount of fluid. After running some tests on the fluid, the doc’s determined Bonnie’s thoracic duct was more than likely injured during her transplant surgery. This is a fairly common occurrence for this type of surgery. They tried a few tricks over the last few days hoping the duct would seal and/or heal on its own, but it did not. She is downstairs right now getting a Lymphangiography. This is done with an MRI machine and basically maps out her lymphatic system and helps IR doctors see where the leak is. Tomorrow morning they will conduct either a Thoracic duct embolization or a selective lymphatic duct embolization depending on where the leak is. They will artificially clot or scar the open duct so she can get these chest tubes out. That is the next thing we need to happen so Bonnie will want to walk more. 

 I’m not sure if she is slightly depressed or just plain tired of the production it takes to get her up and walking (because of the chest tubes and accompanying atrium seal boxes), but her laps are way down the last 2 days. She REALLY needs to get up and moving. Ms. Sheila and I are both striking out big time in motivating her to do so. And she will tell a nurse or physical therapist quick like she is either a. just not going to walk b. will walk in a few minutes when she gets her medicine or c. needs to do something (anything) first and then she will walk. For those of you that know Bonnie well, you understand how stubborn she can be when she’s made up her mind about something. That is probably the reason we ended up together all those years ago. Hah! 

She is also getting a routine bronchoscopy tomorrow. The lungs are still too new for them to biopsy, but they will take a look see, clean up any phlegm, and check to see how the embolization site looks. Both procedures are under light sedation, so she won’t be able to utilize her newfound eating/drinking privileges tonight or in the morning. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight – otherwise I will be in for some dirty looks and a sharp tongue every time she feels a hunger pang. Hah! 

Thank you all so much for your love and support. My days are running together. Being on the night shift is something I am struggling with as a few of my colleagues can attest. There have been a few phone calls this week during the day that I really can’t recall. I know I talked to them, but for the life of me I can’t remember what for. I figure that just about the time my body gets used to going to bed at noon and waking up at 5, Bonnie will be coming home and it’ll start all over again. Oh well, it will definitely be worth it. Thank you all again and I will update tomorrow once procedures are complete. Have a great night (and day tomorrow),



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