5/19/17 - 2:54 a.m.

It has been a long 48 hours. It seems like Bonnie is in a holding pattern while her team try and figure out the best plan of action moving forward. It appears that Bonnie is not responding well to one or more of her medications – and some of the medications are absolute necessities for transplant patients. The trial and error process has been brutal on us all. Basically, Bonnie is miserable. When I came in this evening she did have a few short conversations with me, which is an improvement from yesterday evening. Without researching and writing a book on all the different medications she is currently on I will just ask that you pray for her team to wake up tomorrow with the answers we all need. I am so grateful that her lungs are doing well so far – but it is imperative that she get up and moving for several reasons. Mainly, staying sedentary can cause complications in new lungs. Her Chylous leak is still there – but I heard one of the surgeons say this morning that they would give it a chance to heal over the weekend. Her chest tubes will remain. 

 One of the more interesting aspects of being on the night shift is watching the helicopters coming and going – saving lives 24 hours a day. Please remember to pray for the donor’s family. Bonnie has not been up to penning a letter yet to them – in fact she is having a hard time concentrating enough to read – but rest assured she will once she is able. That is one of the main things she asked me to remember to remind this group about – and I have done a poor job of including it in my posts. 

 It is difficult to post when there isn’t some type of positive news to “break” as it were… I guess that is why modern news has seemingly given up on it and just sticks with the negative. Hah! The hardest part for me over the last 48 hours is watching her “regress” physically and emotionally. I honestly thought this time last week that we would all be at the apartment by now. That Bonnie would be knocking it out in pulmonary rehab, and these long nights would be a thing of the past. Mentally accepting this setback and resetting my expectations has been hard. I am doing my best to let go, accept His timing, and just stay positive for Bonnie. Even when she is not in the mood for positivity. 

Ms. Sheila has been awesome. I know that we both have had our moments of despair, but she has done an excellent job masking it from me and Bonnie. I thank God for her every night. I know how much I struggle seeing Bonnie in pain, I know it must tear Ms. Sheila up. The team keeps telling us that many of these things Bonnie is experiencing are in fact normal. And that many of her rehab buddies are having a harder time than she is. This experience has given me a new respect for those who work in the medical field. Making a decision in education can have life altering effects on a student’s life – but rarely (if ever) are they truly life and death decisions. The human body is amazing. It is both extremely delicate and tougher than nails. A true masterpiece God has created. 

 Thank you all again for your continued support, prayers, and love. Let us all hope that Bonnie wakes up refreshed and ready to walk. Have a great day,



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