5/26/17 - 7:00 a.m.

Another relatively peaceful night. Bonnie should be going for her gastric emptying study sometime this morning. It’s a relatively long assessment, the one she had in the past lasted 4 hours. This should help determine if she can resume a normal diet, and subsequently remove the feeding tube. I think once that tube is removed and she can start eating real food, her overall health and strength should start to improve rapidly. 

 What is concerning is the output from her Chylous leak. It is still there. I figured by now it would have stopped leaking if the surgery was successful. While I am not qualified to indicate if this is a major concern yet, I do know that Bonnie is tired of those chest tubes. And as long as she is putting out this much fluid she’s got to have them. I have pushed the issue a number of times with various Doctors we have seen over the last few days, and so far I haven’t received any indication on what the next step would be. That does worry me. Please pray it dries up today. It adds another level of misery to the recovery process for several reasons. Thank you all and have a great Friday, 


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