5/8/17 - 1:58 p.m.

7 days in: What a week! Even after months of preparation and mandatory lectures, I was completely unprepared for the physical and mental toll this process would take on me – much less what it must be like for Bonnie. The nights are long, having to suit up with gloves, gown, and mask, even for sleep feels like torture, and the overall anxiety level of each small milestone or set back is exponentially crippling. 

 Bonnie is doing excellent by all accounts. Her nurses feel she is handling the physical strain well, and her doctors seem downright giddy with her progress. It is hard to explain this to Bonnie… for those of you that know her well you know that patience is not necessarily a strong suit for her (or me). She had her 1 week bronchoscopy today and the pulmonologist stated the new lungs look excellent. There was some left-over gunk from her old airways that they had to clean out, but they look pink, happy, and healing. I still am unable to wrap my mind around all that has occurred. Her voice is coming back, her wit is returning, and the medical staff is just now understanding what they are about to endure when she gets close to feeling “back”. Hah! 
 I know this update is short – just rest easy in knowing that Bonnie is where she needs to be in the hands of a very dedicated and knowledgeable team. Her care has been above reprieve, I have only lost my temper once. I am not sure if this is because I am beyond exhausted or maybe I am letting go a little, but only one time for the old protective temper flare is a victory that I will take. She is progressing as planned, she has been able thus far to tolerate the antibiotic regimen prescribed, and she hasn’t yelled at any nurses, doctors, social workers, or nutritionists since waking up. She has not yet passed her swallowing test, so she is still not allowed to eat or drink anything. Hopefully she will pass tomorrow and she can get back to feeling like a person. I don’t know about you, but not being able to eat or drink for 7 days is a hard thing to imagine. But she has done it, uncomplaining. What an amazing woman. 
 I love you all, have a great day,


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