Duke Visit - Day 4 - 3/2/17

Day four is in the books – Bonnie underwent a Barium swallow test. She said it was by far the worst one of these she has taken. The amount of Barium she had to take so they could get the prescribed number of pictures and angles was far more intense than a normal swallow test. We’re both pretty wore out – probably just ready to get home, see Lucy, and wait on Duke’s next directive/decision. Tomorrow is the last of the scheduled tests, a heart catheterization. They will be looking at the right side of her heart only. This will be the 4th morning this week where she has not been able to eat breakfast (and far more importantly able to drink coffee). For those of you that know Bonnie well, you know this does not bode well for me. Hah! Thank you all again for the encouragement and prayers. It really makes a huge difference in our mindset as we tackle each day. I will update tomorrow when the procedure is over and she is safe back at the hotel. Pray for safe travels Saturday and see you soon!


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