Duke Visit - Day 5 - 3/3/17

The tests are all complete – Bonnie has endured more poking, prodding, sticking, fasting, and waiting than a person should have to. And she has done it with a positive attitude, warrior’s spirit, and courage beyond measure. The cath team said everything looked good, and the heart echo tech didn’t see anything in her pictures and analysis that warranted immediate attention. We are back at the hotel, resting, packing, and assessing future possibilities. It really is a lot to take in for one week. Tomorrow we drive back home and wait for the team coordinator to call us sometime after Tuesday next week. 
 It has been a difficult week for us both, and I am blessed to have such a patient, strong, and smart partner. Thank you all for keeping up with us this week, there’s nothing better than getting a message or text while waiting on some test to start, end, and then wait on results. The messages always seem to arrive when we need them most. You all have made such a positive impact on both of our time here. We both feel blessed beyond measure and look forward to the time when we can thank you in person. Have a great weekend,


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