A Message from Mom

Today is a big day for our family and for this whole process. This is the moment we have been building up to for 4 years now. Today, on April 23, all the doctors who have been evaluating Nick will decide if they will allow him to donate a kidney to Cassidy. As I sit here writing this I am filled with anticipation, nervousness, and emotions. I also have all the worries that I carry with me. If they say yes, then we are starting this transplant journey which is overwhelming on all fronts. If they say no, then we have to start the donor work up all over again with me. I have no worries about going down that road myself, but the weight I carry is for Cassidy’s health. I’m not sure Cassidy has time to wait for another donor to go through this process. If we must start this process again, then Cassidy will most likely need to start dialysis. All these years we have hoped we could go straight to transplant and avoid the dialysis situation for her. So, today I wait and attempt to leave all of my worries and anxiousness in God’s hands, trusting in his plans for each of us, but at the same time hoping that Nick is approved so we can move on with this process and get my girl feeling good. -- Renae Bogner


  • Jen

    Can we share this on Facebook?

  • Robin & Bruce Sanete,

    We Love you guys! Prayers for everything to work out for the best for all! ?? So glad we can see all the progress! Take care!

  • Admin

    Jen - We have a Facebook page called Caring for Cassidy which refers back to this site, and you may find it easiest to share any of the content there. You are also welcome to share this site directly to Facebook. Anything to help get the word out.

  • Dottie Steinhoff

    We love you guys and little Cassidy. She is amazing as is your family. We will walk with you in daily prayer. Just wish we were closer to help you!

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