Luke... I Am Your Father

(From Renae) I’m not sure what the title of this blog has to do with what I’m going to write about, other than it’s Father’s Day, and our son’s name is Luke, so it seemed fitting.

I am honored beyond words to do this life with Nick. He is my teammate, my person. One of the biggest challenges I faced during this transplant process was being at the hospital by myself while Nick was having surgery somewhere else. I’m used to doing this with him by my side, it’s the thing we always do together. The long days, weird meal times, and sleepless nights together - he is my companion.

It’s often said in our family that nobody knows what to do if mom isn’t around. But, as I watch our kids grow, and as I have watched Nick through this process, it is extremely evident that he is a solid foundation for each of us.  Our kids know their dad is always available and willing to do anything for them… including giving a kidney! I see him sacrifice, without question or burden, for the greater needs of our family. I have had the privilege of watching this beautiful story of love and sacrifice unfold before my eyes.


As I sat in the waiting room on surgery day, a scene that was not new to us, the emptiness was thick. But when the nurse called to tell me that his kidney had arrived and they were ready to start putting it in Cassidy, the emotions welled up from within. Here we were, the moment that we had planned for so long, and the moment Nick had fervently worked towards for years. I knew he would feel incredibly relieved knowing that we had finally achieved this victory, and could start thinking forward into the next chapter. I took a moment to thank God for how intricately everything fell into place. I had a feeling of pride that welled up within me as Nick’s act of love and sacrifice was saving our girl’s life.

I can’t help but think about how Nick’s story demonstrates God’s love and sacrifice for us. If an earthly father will go through a process like this with tenacity and perseverance, how much more does our heavenly Father pursue us? I love doing life with this man who loves us good, and who demonstrates to our kids, by the way he lives, how much God loves them and that they always have that foundation. As life brings many challenges, they can be assured that they not only have an earthly father by their side, but they also have a God who loves them and is there for every part of their stories. So this Father’s Day is extra special for our family. Thank you Nick for being my person and loving your babies good. -Renae


  • Scott

    Wonderfully written Renae!

  • Helen

    What a beautiful story of a father’s love! We are so blessed to be able to walk through this with you and see Gods hand in it all.

  • gramma penney

    So proud of this family. just watching his all unfold was amazing. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and support. GOD is so good!

  • D'Ann Edge

    Reading what y'all so graciously share with us makes me continue to know how amazing this family is. I tell everyone, when I speak of Cassidy, how God carefully picked her family. Thank you for allowing all of us to see such a strong family that gices unconditional love to everyone that crosses y'alls path. PS: I understand why Cassidy's writing is so beautifil. Another gift from her parents. Can Hailey and Luke be in my classes too?

  • Larry and Kathye

    It was Such a good tribute to a great husband and father love you all. you are still in our prayers for everyone’s great outcome

  • Keith and Nancy

    This is a great picture of God's love put into action through the unity of a marriage which is based on His love and commitment. Way to go Bogners, we love you!!!

  • Veronique

    Beautifully written oxox happy Father’s day

  • Melodee

    ????... Thank you Renae - so beautifully written!

  • Amy Morrow

    Beautifully written! Prayers continue to be with all of you.

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