Mother's Day - Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1, From Renae:

I love Mother’s Day. My love language is gifts so I welcome any chance to give gifts, and of course receive gifts! But my number one request is to not have to make lunches for school the next day, because for some reason it’s my least favorite task. That is the best gift, you other moms know what I’m talking about. Seriously though, Mother’s Day is a time for me to reflect on how I’m doing as a mom, and how I’m doing with this incredible job that God has given me.

If I’m being honest I feel inadequate a lot of of the time, often feeling that I come up short. I deal with feelings of guilt. My mind racing on how I could have done a better job in helping Cassidy with her disabilities. And I also think about my other two and how much attention is given towards Cassidy, hoping they never feel like they are 2nd place. I pray they never feel like their struggles aren’t as important because they aren’t as “major” as what Cassidy is going through. In talking to other moms, I know that I’m not alone in this. These thoughts seem to be universal.

The truth is that God says that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”. (Psalm 139:14) This is a beautiful reminder that God, the creator of all, also created me! Therefore, this also reminds us moms that God does not expect perfection from us. We should stop beating ourselves up as we strive to improve, and we need to remember that perfection shouldn’t be on our list of things to accomplish

Thing 2, From Nick:

My view as a dad and husband on Renae’s mothering is quite different than what she feels from the inside. I see an unconditional love that creates a profound feeling of security within her babies’ hearts. Because she is always there for them, and in ways that only a mother can be. There is never any doubt in our children’s mind that mom is in their corner, and this unwavering truth is one of the greatest gifts a mother can give to her children.

I see her showing love that is physically draining, emotionally exhausting, and makes her feel overwhelmed at times. When she feels this way she tends to feel guilty about the thing she didn’t get to, or the thing she could have done better. It adds an extra layer of complexity when you have a special needs child, but the challenge is real for all moms everywhere. The fascinating thing about Renae, and other great moms like her, is that when her confidence is wavering, her love and selflessness is most evident, because it is never compromised.

I’m so grateful for the mother that Renae is to our children and the security and confidence they have in her. She loves them good, and she loves them in ways I cannot.





  • D'Ann

    It is that worry of "is it enough for___" that tells the world you're an amazing person. When you always want more for those you love is when others know you are selfless and your live runs deeply true and is unconditiinal. That is what caused me to fall in love with this family- they give openly and freely making others feel important when things feel like theyre never enough.

  • Keith and Nancy

    We are so thankful to the Lord for the mother you are and are becoming. You have been and will continue to be an outstanding mother. We all know, as parents, that we sometimes fall short of what we expect we should be as mothers. In the Lord's eyes, He sees your beauty and commitment and that is what really counts. You continue to be an outstanding mother. We love the Bogner family and you continue in our prayers. Have an awesome Mother's Day tomorrow, you have more than earned it!

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