Team Ella's Gift to Team Cassidy

There is an amazing little girl and family that we met shortly after moving to Texas, they have a team of their own, Team Ella.

Ella has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (aka PMS) and each year they do a lemonade stand to raise money for various causes, such as Phelan-McDermid Syndrome efforts, and the local Young Life Capernaum. Earlier this summer, about the time of Cassidy’s transplant, Team Ella did their annual event, but this year dedicated it to COTA for Team Cassidy!

The stand was a smashing success, so many people gave above and beyond and it contributed significantly to Cassidy’s campaign. We are deeply grateful for all the generous donors, Starkey family, and the entire Team Ella who had the heart to rally for Cassidy this year! What an awesome, thoughtful and selfless sacrifice.

Check out the shirts that they made for this year’s lemonade stand, specifcally naming COTA in Honor of Cassidy

We are proud to wear Team Ella’s shirt!



  • Aunt Darlene


  • D'Ann

    Why y'all gotta be so cute? Tons Bogner's.

  • Aunt Cheryl

    What a very special family! Love you ????

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