Week 11 Update

We have completed our 11th week since our big day and we are happy to report that Cassidy is doing well. The two areas of concern have settled down – her blood tests (creatinine) and blood pressure have been stable and within a good range, the doctors are happy with where she is at.

After all the excitement in late May, this summer has been quieter than normal for Cassidy. Staying home most of the time to heal and avoid getting sick has been lonely at times. Cassidy’s strengthening heath provided her to an opportunity this past weekend to get out and see a friend. It was great to see the look on her face as she sat and chatted with a friend like a teenage girl should.


As a family, we are doing a 40-day prayer challenge with a focus on journaling each day and practicing how to listen to God as we pray. We caught Cassidy one morning doing just that and thought we’d share.


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