Special Day

Daniel has been in the hospital for 25 days and the cardiology team wanted him to have something to look forward to so he got a short pass to go see one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's newest releases "Black Panther". Samuel and I drove up early and traveled with Daniel and his nurse Jennifer to an AMC theatre for a matinee. The place was packed but Dan wore a medical mask along with a dusk cover to avoid any sickness and Jennifer had hand sanitizer to keep him from picking something up. He enjoyed the movie and was even able to get a haircut after the movie at his favorite place Great Clips. While he was getting his hair cut Samuel wanted to get him some sushi and sashimi. I got a picture of the two of them having a feast at Daniel’s bedside. Many of you wanted to know how he has been doing since last week’s anesthesia and he feels back to normal.Sushi Brothers


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