The Lord Is the Strength Of My Life Psalm 27:1

Dan's update for last 24 hours. He has had two units of blood and two doses of Lasix since yesterday. He is on a mask with oxygen instead of nasal cannula as he says its easier to breathe with that on. Still no real energy and no appetite. He still as a little swelling in his abdomen. He will be going for a heart catheterization and they will look at heart and liver pressures as well as take biopsies of the heart. Hopefully this will provide them with information they need to help him get better. The GI team will also be looking at his esophagus to evaluate varices and the stricture that they have dilated several times. Big day, this will not be happening till the afternoon or third case because both teams are available at that time. Things to be prayerful about today:


1. A successful catheterization without complications during the biopsy and without complication from the endoscopy from the GI team.


2. Good results from the biopsy and a good report on the functioning if the right side of his new heart.


3. Continued wisdom for doctors and staff on how tho best treat the problems he is having related to weakness, fatigue, poor appetite, his lungs and deeper breathing.


4. Our family at home, Tina and I here, and Tina's mom who has been helping keep the home running. Dan has required constant assistance with his care and we are exhausted so he must be exhausted from the process.


5. We were hoping to be discharged this week but things are looking very different from one week ago.






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