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Our journey started on the early morning of September 24th. Emerson was just about 3 months old. We brought her into the ER (Summerlin Hospital) in Las Vegas because we thought she was sick and dehydrated (both parents had been sick with the common cold previously). They ran tests. We could never have been prepared with the news that the doctor brought back. He said Emerson was in congestive heart failure. From that moment, our world fell apart, changed forever and became a whirlwind.

We were transferred to a children’s hospital (Sunrise) in Las Vegas. The cardiologist did an echo and immediately knew that Emerson was in big trouble and worked to get us transferred where she could get more help than they could do. He immediately felt she would need a heart transplant, and Sunrise does not do that. So, that night, we were sent off to Loma Linda University Hospital in California.

Emerson’s official diagnosis is dilated cardiomyopathy (very rare). This affects the muscle of the he...




Today has me thinking: who are you? Tomorrow, everyone in my profession returns to work after summer break. Beginning of school meetings. Getting your classroom ready. Meeting with your teaching team to plan the beginning of the year... things I Continue Reading »


I love to plan. Plan vacations. Plan nights with friends. Plan for what I’m going to teach... I’ve always liked planning and organizing. But boy, have my plans changed.  Continue Reading »

Hospital Friends

I have a mom of a student this year (I’m a teacher) who has gone through unimaginable things as well with your children, especially her oldest child. For years and years and years, she has been in and out of the hospital. The family knows that Continue Reading »

Marathon to a Sprint

If you would have told me 5 months ago this is where I’d be, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have told me the idea of being home is on the horizon a month ago, I wouldn’t have believed you either. Yet it’s here. What Brandon and I Continue Reading »


Transplanted. Continue Reading »

Never Once

“Standing on this mountaintop, Looking just how far we've come, Knowing that for every step, You were with us, Kneeling on this battle ground, Seeing just how much You've done, Knowing every victory, Was Your power in us, Scars and Continue Reading »

Who do we belong to?

“Emerson Buskirk is our 6 month old female with dilated cardiomyopathy and severe left ventricle defect, status post PA band and pericardial effusion, currently listed status 1B and awaiting a heart transplant.” This is how rounds begin every Continue Reading »

Loma Linda, waiting for transplant

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Here is our blog on our journey

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