A second chance at life

In my dreams my daughter is dancing.  In my dreams my daughter is singing. She is laughing and playing with her sisters, she is goofing around with her brother, she is taking her dog for a walk. A year ago, that is all I could do.....dream.  I am reminded multiple times each day of the ultimate sacrifice a family made so that my dreams could become a reality. And as we celebrate tomorrow Erin’s one year lungiversary, I am saddened that today a family is grieving the loss of their loved a year ago.  So many conflicting emotions all wrapped up around one single powerful miraculous life changing event.
Erin is now attending school five days a week with new friends and new adventures around every corner.  She has her driver’s permit and is looking forward to complete independence.  She has a wonderful young man in her life who treats her wonderfully, and whom her 5-year-old sister thinks is her boyfriend!  Dancing and singing are a part of her daily life now.
They say the first year is the hardest.  From an emotional standpoint as the parent, that is the biggest understatement ever.  Looking back though I am humbled in knowing that we couldn’t have survived this journey without everyone’s support. From prayers to well wishes, food to gift cards, and everything in between.  We also owe a tremendous amount of appreciation for the amazing teams of caregivers at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee and St. Louis for helping us every step along the way.  Next Sunday, we head back to St. Louis for Erin’s one year evaluation.  Fingers crossed that the acute rejection is completely gone and no new issues present themselves.  Here’s to second chances!


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