Another week goes by

I feel like a broken record sometimes. This week Erin had a gamet of tests again, one very intense one to help determine possible causes for her stomach pain. The test did not provide the doctor with any conclusive evidence, so we will need to wait another week and endure another test next Thursday. Erin will be sedated as a doctor puts a camera down her throat to get visual confirmation about what is happening in her stomach and to rule out an ulcer. If he doesn't see anything, I believe we will be listed next week, an early Christmas present hopefully. We also met this week with neurology and pain management and they are tossing around the idea that Erin is suffering from migraines, including a type that manifests in the stomach; another possibility is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We will continue to monitor, try some new medications and see if we can relieve some of the pain.

As you continue to prayer for Erin, please add a prayer for a young and brave 8 year old girl named Hattie and her family. Hattie lost her battle with CF on December 6, 2016. We got to know Hattie and her family briefly as we were often at St. Vincent Hospital at the same time. Peace be with you Hattie.


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