Best Valentine's Day Ever!

Today was a great day! Erin went for three walks today, including a walk through the outdoor garden located on the 8th floor of Children's Hospital, This was Paul's last night in St. Louis and we celebrated by ordering pizza and hanging out together one last time. We are going to try a new insulin to see if it is more effective and we received diabetes training today, including learning how to count carbs and dose appropriately. One of the reminders that with the transplant we are trading one set of problems for another, but with time I'm sure it will become second nature as well. The results of the bronchoscopy yesterday came back and the results were a0b0, meaning no signs of rejection! This was the best news all day, and nearly the best Valentine's Day present ever. The icing on the cake was when I looked over at Erin and she had this small smile on her face. She wasn't watching TV or reading a text from a friend, she was just sitting there with this smile for what seemed like 5 minutes but was probably more like 50 seconds. "What's the smile for?" I asked. "I think I can tell a difference." It was just a subtle change but she took a breath and it felt different, easier. Best Valentine's Day ever!


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