Expectations vs Reality

All in all, things are going very well for Erin.  Her numbers still look really good, she was weaned off the ventilator last night (although it is still down her throat), her bronchoscopy today did not produce any new concerns, and she looks good.  And yet, today was a very frustrating day, one of many to come we have been told.  A day when reality did not live up to expectations. We expected Erin to be extubated today (tube removed from her throat), so she could begin REALLY using her new lungs.  However, they ended up over medicating her for her bronchoscopy and so she never really woke up today which was necessary for the procedure to occur.  We have been told since the beginning how important it will be to get her up and moving as soon as possible, so while it will only be delayed by a day, this felt like a major set back to us. Erin had 1 of her 5 chest tubes removed today.  They were supposed to remove 2 more but those were postponed because we ran out of time as we were waiting all day to try and get the breathing tube removed.   We know in the grand scheme of things Erin is doing amazingly well, and today is just one day in the beginning of a very long journey.  We are hopeful for tomorrow and seeing what progress she can make.  


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