Forever and Always

Life after transplant is a constant roller coaster.  Nervous butterflies in anticipation of the upcoming free fall are felt every time we await test results or Erin isn't feeling quite right.  The thrilling excitement of the climb, while infrequent, occurs when things go our way.  We experienced such a thrill Monday and Tuesday while in St. Louis for Erin's 9 month evaluation.  Her lung function climbed to 78%, a 28% increase from her lowest level just two months ago prior to her open lung biopsy!  The good news continued when her doctor commented that her bronchoscopy went smoothly, there was very little mucus, and she looked great.  And then....and then the fear of the fall commenced and the worry began.  Erin's biopsy needed a second look and it was confirmed that she has acute rejection.  Treatment includes a 3 day hospital stay with IV steroids and a follow up bronchoscopy in 2 or 6 weeks, back again in St. Louis. It's possible the steroids could eradicate the rejection or we could be in for a long haul, only time will tell.  The doctor is hopeful, as are we, that the increase in her lung function indicates that Erin isn't following the norm, and for once that is a good thing! We've learned that throughout this roller coaster ride there will always be something we need you to be praying for, whether in gratitude or petition, forever and always.


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