Happy New Year!

Today we celebrate Erin’s 11 month lungiversary and we have so much to be grateful for!  A year ago Erin found it difficult most days to walk 20 ft, in the attached video you will see she is doing much more these days despite some setbacks. In December we headed back to St. Louis for another bronch and biopsy after she showed acute rejection in November. The IV steroids they used to treat the rejection didn’t clear up the rejection but improved it enough to send her home and earned her a two month reprieve before we needed to head back to St. Louis for her 1 year evaluationin February.  December’s visit also showed that Erin’s immune system is weakening and they encouraged us to begin a new treatment called IVIG. IVIG therapy is a transfusion that administers donated plasma through an IV. The plasma is a combination of blood from 100’s of people in hopes that Erin can benefit from the antibodies their immune systems have developed over the years, more people for protection.  Erin will have her first procedure on Tuesday at St. Vincent Hospital over the course of 4-6 hours, and she will repeat this process every 3-4 weeks. The infusion therapy has shown to provide increased energy and improved health so we are keeping our fingers crossed.  Erin’s exercising regiment continues to improve resulting in a 93% on her lung function test this week in Milwaukee, an amazing improvement over the last four months. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!


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