It's official!!!

We received the call this afternoon that Erin has officially been listed for transplant! The smile on her face when she heard the news melted my heart; I was brought to tears in the middle of IKEA. This Christmas season has flooded me with emotions. GRATEFUL for family who changed their Christmas plans to spend it with Erin and I in St. Louis. THANKFUL we like and trust the doctors and staff at Children's in Milwaukee and St. Louis. SCARED about the reality of what a lung transplant journey involves. PROUD of Erin and the strength she has shown along this journey. ANGERED so many children flow in and out of the hospital down here and each one has their own unfair story to tell. HOPEFUL Erin will know what it feels like to take a true breath and begin to live her new life. EXCITED to soon have our whole family together after being apart for one month, if only for a couple of days. GUILTY for missing out on the events happening in our family's lives 8 hours away. AMAZED at the outpouring of support from family, friends and strangers. NERVOUSCITED, Erin's favorite, and the best way to describe our outlook for the future, both nervous and excited. But above all, BLESSED that families can make a life changing decision in the midst of their own emotional turmoil and choose to give the gift of life to a complete stranger. Merry Christmas to all!


  • ChristinaClark

    What great news for you and your family! Anna was telling me yesterday how excited she is to visit you and Erin, and to have the whole family together "except for the dog." :-) Continued prayers to your family for safe travels next week and for everything this transplant journey holds in the near future. The entire Langlade family is in your corner! Hugs to you both and merry Christmas!

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