Memories being made

Erin has only had her new lungs for 80 short days, but if these last couple of weeks are any indication of the life ahead of her, it is simply that - a life. It's walking the mall, going to the zoo, trying on clothes, jogging (only a few 30 second intervals, but yes jogging!), hours awake without tremendous pain, energy to talk, laughter without coughing, enjoying food, and so much more. We are and will forever be grateful to the donor family for this life Erin now has. April is national donate life month. If you aren't a registered donor PLEASE consider becoming one. This link highlights two of our transplant friends, Jovie and Iain, who like Erin received LIFE SAVING transplants in the last 6 months.

Tomorrow Erin will have her 3 month bronchoscopy and if all goes well we will be heading back home on Sunday for a long awaited family reunion. Please continue the prayers as our journey is far from over. A special thank you to everyone who has contributed to COTA. We have reached our goal of $50,000, which qualifies us for an additional $5000 for COTA.

Feeling very blessed this evening.


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