Prayer Warriors Needed

After the mention of possible chronic rejection at Erin's six month evaluation, we've been watching everything very closing. Some days are good, attending a few high school football games and making it through the entire first day of 10th grade (it's been 5 years since that has happened!). Other days her body simply betrays her ambitions. She had a lung function test at Children's in Milwaukee August 25 which showed her numbers came up from 59% to 66%, which helped ease our concerns. After a rough weekend, we were nervous about today's follow up, and we had every right to be. On top of having to admit Erin to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee for a bowel obstruction and subsequent GoLytely clean out, her lung function dropped down to 50%. We hope to get discharged Thursday or Friday Fromm Childrens in Milwaukee, just in time to drive down to Children's in St. Louis on Sunday. They will repeat her CT scan to see if the 'cloudiness' has improved and do another set of lung function tests. Unless a miracle happens and everything looks better, Erin will undergo an open lung biopsy Monday afternoon. In order to get the biopsy from the outside of her lungs (the only way to confirm the expected chronic rejection) they will need to open her back up. She will be admitted to the hospital in St. Louis for a couple of says and then stick around for a few more tests. We most likely won't know any results until Wednesday, so please keep the prayers coming.


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